Area Rugs 101


Area Rugs – Your Buying Guide

Area rugs can define a space or enhance you decor to something attention grabbing. Of all floor coverings, you’ll find the most variety in area rugs. Here’s what you need to know regardless of whether you choose handmade or machine made, Old World classic or thoroughly modern.

What Size and Shape Area Rug?

Area rugs are made in standard and non-standard sizes. They can be rectangular (most common), round, square, oval, octagonal or long and narrow for runners. The most common sizes are 2’x3′, 4’x6′, 5’x8′, 6’x9′, 8’x10′ and up.

Choosing the correct size area rug depends on the dimensions of the space you want to cover. If you’re thinking square or rectangle, place a piece of paper where each of the corners will fall in the area you wish to cover and measure that space.

If you’re considering a round rug, run a piece of tape from the center of the space you want to cover to the outside edge and measure it. This gives you the radius of the circle. Double it and you have the diameter. Round rugs are sold by the diameter.

Oblongs or ovals are measured like rectangles – by the length of the longest part and the width of the widest part. If you want to cover an entire room with your area rug, it’s recommended to leave a 12-inch to 15-inch border of flooring exposed to frame your rug.

What Color for Your Area Rug?

Color is as important for an area rug as how it’s made. The combination of color, design and the setting of your room all come together to make your personal interior design statement.

Area rugs don’t have to match the colors of the room. Great interior design often features combinations of colors that either contrast or complement a room’s primary color scheme. But a good rule of thumb is to stick to one primary shade and two additional colors.