Laminate Flooring

Laminate FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Laminate Floors

What exactly is laminate flooring?

  1. Most laminate floors consists of four layers:
  2. Clear, top wear layer that provides lasting protection from scratches, stains and dings
  3. High definition photographic layer that gives the floor its decorative look
  4. Core of high-density fiberboard or particle board that keeps laminate boards flat and stable
  5. Protective backing layer that seals out moisture and provides additional stability

Is laminate flooring really that durable?

Laminate flooring is durable. Protected by a tough external layer and resin coating, laminate is just as strong or stronger, and just as scratch-resistant and longer-lasting than any hardwood, vinyl or carpet.

If laminate floor installation is a floating installation, do I need an underlayment?

Laminate floors always require an underlayment. Quality underlayment provides a number of benefits that allow a laminate floor to perform as expected such as cushioning underfoot, joint stability, some leveling characteristics and correction of minor subfloor imperfections. The major benefits of an acoustic-grade underlayment include sound control in the room, as well as sound abatement to lower rooms. The most important benefit of a quality laminate flooring underlayment is providing water vapor protection.

Can laminate flooring be used on stairs?

Yes, but you can NOT use the floating installation method. For laminate floor installation on stairs you will need to glue and screw (or nail) boards directly to the stairs.

If I damage my laminate floor, can it be repaired?

Make minor nicks or scratches disappear with a color-matched correction kit available at your flooring retailer. For more serious damage, you may need to replace boards.

Is laminate flooring is environmentally friendly?

Laminate flooring is made from wood and related products like paper, which do not involve harvesting from old-growth hardwoods. Many components of laminate are made with recycled content and, when a laminate floor does need replacing, it can be destroyed with no danger to the environment. In addition, all laminate flooring products at Custom Carpet Centers comply with industry standards for contributing to safer indoor air quality, which in turn contributes to a healthier home.