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The plush softness under foot, the sense of luxury . . . no other flooring is like Carpet. Add to that a vibrant spectrum of colors, patterns and textures and it’s easy to see why carpet never goes out of fashion. You’ll find plenty of new features and designs that make carpeting a great choice if you’re updating a room.

From bolder colors and visually intriguing patterns to natural fibers and eco-friendly options, the latest carpeting trends prove this versatile material fits right in your home and lifestyle.


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Carpet is your paint brush. Make a statement with multicolor graphic patterns in blocked colors or stripes, or attention-grabbing bolds like sun ripe orange or turquoise. Minimalistic décor? Then you’ll love the new neutrals in tailored patterns and textured ribbing. Animal prints or tasteful tone on tone . . . carpets for your floors.



With tens of thousands of styles and colors from which to choose, carpeting has long been one of the most popular flooring choices for bedrooms, living rooms, and other spaces in the home where a cozy touch is needed. It's soft, colorful comfort.

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Carpet 101

Carpet 101

We all love that unmistakable cozy and soft feel that only carpet delivers. It provides warmth in the winter and refreshing coolness when it’s hot. And no other flooring reduces noise like thick, plush carpet.

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Carpet Installation Help

Carpet Installation Help

Like all time-honored crafts, it takes years to develop the skills for professional carpet installation. Professional carpet installers know how to minimize seams, match surface transition heights and use specialized tools to perform the job efficiently with the least waste.

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Carpet Care & Maintenance

Carpet Care & Maintenance

No matter how careful and protective you are of your new carpet, it’s inevitable that it will eventually fall prey to a spot or a spill. Even through today’s carpets are much more stain and soil resistant than ever before, they can still be damaged if spills, messes and stains are left unattended.

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Carpet FAQs

Carpet FAQs

Check out our carpet FAQs for simple answers to your questions about carpeting.

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