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Beautiful and versatile, area rugs bring warmth, color, texture to any room. And, if truth be told, coverage for any trouble spots on your floor. Put area rugs where they’re needed the most. The result will transform the space. Area rugs add excitement to a sedate room, make an entrance in a foyer, or attractively cover up hallways and other heavy traffic areas


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Put excitement under your feet and refresh a tired room with area rugs. With unlimited combinations of color, texture, pattern and sizes, you won't stop at one. Are you looking for a family heirloom, décor accessory or just a fun way to enhance a room’s cozy factor? Let us inspire you!

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Aside from providing practical comfort, area rugs contribute a design element to décor. Quite often, an area rug alone serves as the foundational centerpiece for a room’s design theme, uniting color, pattern and texture in a way that balances the space with furnishings and accessories.

Area Rug 101

Area Rug 101

Area rugs can define a space or enhance you decor to something attention grabbing. Of all floor coverings, you’ll find the most variety in area rugs. Here’s what you need to know regardless of whether you choose handmade or machine made, Old World classic or thoroughly modern.

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Area Rug Installation Help

Area Rug Installation Help

An area rug pad my seem like an afterthought, but this accessory is important to maintaining the beauty of not only your area rug but the floor beneath. Additionally, the right area rug pad ensures safe footing for those who walk on it.

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Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Area Rug Care & Maintenance

Area rugs are an investment just like wall-to-wall carpeting. They require the same care and, in some cases, special attention.

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Area Rug FAQs

Area Rug FAQs

Check out our area rug FAQs for simple answers to your questions about area rugs.

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