Area Rugs Installation Help


Installing Area Rugs

An area rug pad my seem like an afterthought, but this accessory is important to maintaining the beauty of not only your area rug but the floor beneath. Additionally, the right area rug pad ensures safe footing for those who walk on it.

Rug pads are made of various materials, and in different thicknesses and sizes. Some are designed for hard surface floors, and others work better on carpet.

Why You Need Area Rug Pads

Safety ─ An area rug pad grips the floor and holds the area rug fast to it to prevent sliding. It also keeps the rug from curling at the edges, thereby preventing a tripping hazard. Without a pad, your area rug will gradually creep along the floor, moving off-center over time.

Protects ─ A pad helps your area rug last longer by keeping it securely in place. Even subtle movement across the floor adds wear and tear to rug fibers. It also prevents premature flattening of area rugs by absorbing the weight of foot traffic and furniture. The thickness of the pad cushions the rug’s pile so that the fibers spring back into position after weight is released.

We offer 2 types of area rug pads. The choice depends on rug location: rug-over-carpet or rug-over-hard surface floor. We’ll help you select the right area rug pad for your needs.