LVT & LVP Installation Help


Installing Luxury Vinyl Floors

The benefits of luxury vinyl tile & plank are not limited to this floor’s durability, versatility and aesthetics. It’s also easy to install using glue down or floating methods.

The installation method you choose will depend on your room environment. In some cases, glue down is a better option because it provides a more stable floor. The floating method offers a faster and easier installation option and often is the only suitable option for high moisture areas that might destabilize an adhesive installation.

Whether you choose to grout your tile or not is purely a matter of personal preference. Grouted tile can enhance the look of your floor, highlighting color and surface texture while mimicking the rounded corners and edges of ceramic and stone.

Installation Basics

Successful installation starts with a quality product, of course. Next, a clean, dry, level subfloor is imperative. An underlayment is also advised for luxury vinyl installation. Underlayment designed specifically for luxury vinyl smooths uneven subfloors while providing moisture and sound-absorption barriers.

DIY Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank

Installing luxury vinyl floors is complex and similar to installing natural stone or ceramic tile. For this reason, we recommend having it professionally installed. However, if you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer with experience laying floors, you can DIY luxury vinyl floors.