Our carpets are made to stand the test of time. And paws and cleats and wobbly wine glasses. In fact, they last up to 50% longer and stay up to 30% cleaner* than other carpets so their good looks are anything but dashing.

*Results based on testing of a statistically representative sample of carpets of comparable construction, styles and colors.

Fiber Technology

Exceptional performance starts with our patented nylon 6,6 fiber. This fiber superhero has a molecular structure designed for strength and resists crushing, abrasive wear and color fading.

Lasting Durability

Fibers that bounce back mean carpets that look newer longer. So, whether you’re treating your STAINMASTER® carpet to heavy furniture, high temperatures or thousands of hours of foot (and paw) traffic, it will stand up brilliantly.


Inspired by the self-cleaning leaves of the lotus flower, we created LotusFX® Fiber Shield technology. It resists most liquids and makes it difficult for soil to stick to carpet fibers. And instead of relying on a sprayed on anti-static solution, we invented built-in protection that never wears off.


Every one of our carpets is backed by one of the most comprehensive limited warranty** packages in the industry. And only The STAINMASTER® FLOORING CENTER® showrooms offer “the Platinum Promise” which includes lifetime warranties on stain, soil, pet urine, static-shock, and also provides the only warranty in the industry that offers to replace your carpet for as long as you own it if it becomes stained by anything. NO EXCEPTIONS!.
**See limited warranty brochure for details.

The Callahan Promise

No One Will Beat Our Prices on the Same Item. NO ONE.

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