STAINMASTER® Design Advice


STAINMASTER® Design Advice

The ideal carpet needs to not only catch your eye but be practical too. Go for the colors and styles that wow you but also remember how your room is going to be used. Considering all these factors will ensure you choose a carpet that will keep you happy for the long haul.

Room Use

Think about your space. Are you going for a formal, traditional look? In that case you may want something smooth and luxurious. Or maybe you’re more casual but need to think about spills, soils and oops. Carpets with patterns and flecks are good choices there. Knowing how your room will be used and how much foot (and paw) traffic you have will help you pinpoint your ideal carpet.


A room that lacks sunlight can be warmed by bright yellows, oranges and reds, whereas cool colors, such as blues and greens, can create a serene feeling in a room that’s too sunny. Vibrant, lively colors are good for family rooms or kitchens. More formal rooms are enhanced by elegant pastels or traditional, old-world colors.


  • Frieze – Unique curly appearance, ideal for high-traffic areas and tired toes
  • Saxony – Densely packed level fibers create a traditional, elegant look that works well in formal dining or living rooms
  • Loop – also known as Berber, can have flecks of color accenting the main hue, comfortable and great for family rooms and spill-prone areas
  • Pattern Cut Pile – islands of cut yarn contrast with loops to form a sculptured pattern, great for family room or den
  • Texture – helps mask footprints, ideal for high-traffic and casual areas
  • Cable – made with thicker, longer yarn so it’s very comfortable under foot. Works well in a bedroom or living room